I like to relax and watch TV, get massag simply i am lazy, good writer but with no real chances … Sometimes complicated even I cant understand me: crazy and playful in one hand but sensetive and extremly moody at the other hand..dreamer and realistic, brave but i hate hurt any one so most of i wantd cant be gained, love and hate same person, intellegant but cant face person who i really care about, I like silent but talkative, proud and humble….
Plead my guilt easily and admit my mistakes and never feel shy of saying SORRY.
I hate any one who is trying to control me, even if he had the right.. but i love who cares about me and let me feel that i am the most important person in his life and one of his periorities.
I dont care about other mistakes especially if they are enjoying it.
I am only the one who is responsible about my self, my behaviour, my mistakes, my dicisions.
I like living my daily life working through it peacefuly, feeling content at the end of each day with full of hope that tomorrow will be better.
Love and education were important to me and still are if i lose one of them lead to deasaster.
” Of course there is more 🙂 ”
No One Can See What is realy me .. even if they think so …
I dont judge people >>So people come on dont judge me ” by the way i dont care, and these judgments only hurt me for seconds”
I hate jealousy, envy, self centered, callosity, selfishness, greed, unjustice, feel unsafe, fear, lieing, cheating, hypocrisy,

MeN in my life
My father is the most important person in my whole life and my first Love…. I am very stronge and independent but cant live without my husband and sleeping one night far from his arm … finally my brothers are the only two who let me cry if i only felt that they are far from my world.

Proud of being kuwaiti and a daughter of Abbas Karam.
Thankful for my family, relatives, my kids, friends and best and close friends, health and freedom
( there is no unlimit freedom but i like it because i can distiguish between the acceptable and the one is not)

SiMPly Noting more important than that I am proud to be Muslim, Kuwaiti, My father is Abbas Karam and married from the most kind loveable person

and this is my real treasure ….


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